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I recently visited Dominican Republic with my boyfriend and we stayed at Zoetry Agua in Punta Cana and Secrets Sanctuary in Cap Cana.  We had a wonderful stay at both resorts!  I am going to be sharing our trip all week, starting with our stay at Zoetry Agua Resort.

Zoetry Agua is a really unique, special resort.  It is located about an hour north of the airport in Punta Cana.  It is a really peaceful drive to the resort, and the resort’s drivers love to share information about their wonderful country.

The resort has just 51 suites, and is located right on the beach.  It feels really private and luxurious, and the service is amazing.  Everyone learns your name right away, and everyone really goes out of their way to make sure you are having a nice stay.

The resort is all inclusive, but goes far beyond what most resorts offer their guests.  The rate includes gourmet food, premium brand drinks, complimentary room service, a 20 minute spa treatment per guest, horseback riding on the beach, complimentary laundry service, and complimentary worldwide calling.

We LOVED the food at the resort!  It is organic, healthy, and most of all, delicious!  There is a lot of seafood, fresh fruits, and local Dominican food.  The deserts and cocktails were incredible as well.  Our favorite restaurant was Indigo which was located right on the beach.

We stayed in a Suite Caribe which was amazingly luxurious.  There was a living room, gorgeous bedroom, a partially outdoor shower, and the best part- a private garden courtyard with our own pool!  There are also rooms with direct access to the hotel’s main pool, and suites directly on the beach.

During our stay we relaxed at the pool and beach, went on a few long walks along the beach, went horseback riding on the beach, took a dune buggy tour (we got so muddy!), and enjoyed lots of amazing food and drinks!

We had a truly amazing stay at Zoetry Agua!  All of that being said, the resort is really quiet.  If you are looking for a lot of activities or nightlife, this resort isn’t the best fit.  If you want to relax in quiet luxury, then I highly recommend this resort.

Zoetry Agua provides special, complimentary amenities for honeymoon couples.  And all of my clients receive complimentary room upgrades based on availability when you arrive.  For more information about this resort contact Ever After Honeymoons!

Bon Voyage!

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  1. | seto86 Says:

    >Hi there,
    Thank you for a wonderful description. It's always useful to learn about personal experiences in carribean resorts.
    I was wondering whether the garden we see in the 3rd picture is part of the suite caribe? or is it another type of room? because we're thinking of booking the suite caribe as well but we don't want an open pool that's exposed to everything and everyone.

  2. | Ever After Honeymoons Says:

    >The 3rd picture is of the ocean front suites. They are directly on the beach, but also very open.

    Send me an email with your dates and I can check on rates for you! I have a close relationship with the General Manager at the resort and my clients get special amenities when they stay! Plus I can get excellent rates for my clients.

  3. | Shaina Says:

    >Hi, my fiance and I are looking at this resort for our honeymoon June 24-29, 2011. We really want to stay in the Suite Carib because of the privacy it seems to offer. Are your rates better than the ones offered on the website? Also, do you have any more photos of that room? I'm really excited about this location and want to know anything I can about it.

  4. | Gabrielle Says:

    Great stuff, you hleepd me out so much!

  5. | Matei Says:

    Whoa, things just got a whole lot eaiser.

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