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On the deck of this luxury cruise on the Amazon River in Peru. Not only is this cruise the very first of its kind, but it offers something that cannot be found anywhere else. How else could you be transported to the exotic and adventurous world of the Amazon Rainforest in luxury? This is the quintessential honeymoon for adventurous couples.
Wake up to the view of Peru. Travel in comfort. Soak in the sights of the rainforest. If you like making new discoveries, exploring remote places by water and by foot, glancing up to see wildlife, and meeting with the natives – we think you will absolutley enjoy this treasure of a cruise ship!Experience this Peruvian luxury cruise for your honeymoon. Contact me if you are interested!

{Images via Amazon River luxury cruises in Peru}
{Cruise ship featured the M/V Aria}

Bon Voyage!

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