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I have a lot of couples looking for recommendations on guide books. So I’ve decided to put together a Travel Guide Round Up!

Luxe City Guides: These are my favorite travel guides. Luxe City Guides are mostly restaurant and shopping focused guides. Their recommendations always lead you to these amazing little local spots that I never would have on my own!  They also have a mobile app.

Assouline Travel & Lifestyle Books: These books are fabulous for anyone who wants an interesting take on the history of a certain locale. These books read like a story and serve as a colorful tribute to the destination they are about. Not to mention they make great coffee table books.

City Secrets Guides: These guides take travelers away from all of the other tourists, crowds, and craziness and point them towards the types of places a friend would tell you to go to. City Secrets Guides are the true Insider’s Guides.

There are also some great websites that help with research before I head out on any adventure.

FATHOM – FATHOM is an independent travel website from the founders of Daily Candy and prides itself on being the “website that reflects the way that wired, global-minded travelers plan, purchase, & share their travel experiences.”

Fabsearch – “The Ultimate Travel & Going Out Guide” – I love checking this site for fun places to go out for dinner or drinks in any city. It’s a complete list of all the hotspots.

Other great sites to check out: Travel + Leisure, DailyCandy, & Conde Nast Traveler.

What is your favorite travel guide?

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Bon Voyage!

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