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Whether it is a spur of the moment weekend in Vegas, a romantic getaway, or just a short trip home to see the fam, there are some packing tips and tricks that everyone should commit to memory. So I am excited to talk about some of the obvious (and sometimes not so obvious) tips and tricks I have picked up along the way from even the most seasoned of travelers.

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  • Roll. Never Fold.
    • By rolling your clothes, you eliminate unnecessary wrinkles and make the most efficient use of the space in your bag. Got a big sweater or long sleeve shirt? Fold it in half and then roll it. A vertical crease down the middle is much easier to shake out than wrinkles all over.
    • Don’t bother rolling pants and jeans. Simply fold those in half and have them line the bottom of your suitcase or bag.
  • Check the Weather.
    • It does get cold and rainy at the beach and hot and muggy in the mountains.
  • Carry a Fully-Equip Carry On
    • Always carry a change of clothes and a few toiletries on the plane.
    • Never get on a plane without the following:
      • A huge scarf or blanket of some kind:  Airplane blankets are disgusting. Period.
      • Socks: Cold feet are the worst. Especially on long flights.
      • Snacks: Airlines charge for everything these days. Why pay to eat their mediocre snacks when you can bring your own yummy ones?
  • Never pack valuables in the luggage you are checking.
    • Jewelry – One of the girls in the office packed all of her jewelry in a checked bag, and she had quite the collection, including a number of vintage pieces from her mom, and it all got stolen. Bottom Line, you wouldn’t pack your wallet in your checked luggage, so don’t pack your jewelry. It will “disappear”.
  • Pouch Everything.
    • All your electronics in one. All your toiletries in another. And so on. It really makes life so much easier when you’re digging through your bag in search of deodorant or a phone charger.
  • Leave some room.
    • Make sure to leave some space in your bag for things you want to buy on your trip!

So those are just a few tips I thought I would share. See anything I left out??

Happy Friday everyone!

Bon Voyage!

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