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A lot of my clients have a tough time when it comes to making decisions about their honeymoon, whether this means picking the right destination or the perfect resort. The good news is that you really can’t go wrong!  Regardless of where you go you will have an amazing time enjoying your newlywed bliss.  But if you are still having trouble with making a decision, here are a few tips to help with the decision making process.


1. If you are trying to decide between two destinations, decide to visit both!  Go to one destination for your honeymoon and then visit the other destination for an anniversary trip.

2.  When trying to decide between two different destinations or resorts, talk about what you each like about each place.  Discuss what you would do at each spot, and what your perfect days would be like.  Don’t just look through “must see” lists by other people- what would YOU want to do?  Look through pictures and really imagine yourselves in each place- where are you most excited about?

3.  If the travel time is significantly different, go with the destination with the shorter travel time.  This way you will spend less time on airplanes and more time enjoying your honeymoon!


With all of this being said, don’t put too much pressure on your honeymoon!  Your honeymoon is not just about where you go or what you do. Your honeymoon is about enjoying the beginning of the rest of your lives together.  A lot of couples think that their honeymoon has to be the best vacation of their lives.  Well that doesn’t give you a lot to look forward to!  You can (and hopefully will!) take more luxurious trips in your life. 

I hope this helps!  If you need advise for planning your honeymoon we would love to help!  Contact us at hello{at}everafterhoneymoons.com.

Bon Voyage!

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