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I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I am one of the biggest travel fans and constantly find myself with a case of wanderlust! ¬†But this also means that I’m living a lot of my life out of a suitcase, and lets be honest, that’s never fun. ¬†But it can definitely be made easier! ¬†I’ve become a pretty good packer (if I do say so myself) so I decided to pass on some of my tricks for those of you hopping on a plane any time soon.

Especially if you’re on your way to your honeymoon, travel stress is the last thing you want to think about. ¬†Your carry on will be your best friend and your only hope if your luggage gets lost so it’s important to always have the essentials with you.

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To keep you busy:
Stock up on your favorite movies, TV shows, and books but instead of cramming a bunch of DVDs or hardbacks into your bag, download them on an iPad or iPad mini! ¬†There’s also a ton of super cute cases to be able to slip your entertainment into while still staying stylish (the adorable hot pink one shown is by Kate Spade). ¬†Then of course don’t forget your headphones! ¬†If you’re not an earbud fan like me, I’m loving these mint green ones from Urbanears. ¬†Your movies will sound great and you’ll look cute listening! ¬†If you’re on a long flight there’s a good chance that your battery will run out before you land. ¬†I love storing one of these little PowerMate’s in my bag from JCrew. ¬†It will give you a little extra boost of power but also come in cute colors and patterns!

To snack on:
Remember that most planes are not serving snacks anymore so make sure to stock up on something easy to eat but that will also satisfy. ¬†Trail mixes and power bars are always a good option and don’t forget to hydrate! ¬†Lots of water will help with jetlag and get you moving as soon as you land.

To relax:
Make sure you wear your comfiest shoes on travel days! ¬†Slip on flats are usually the best for security lines and I’m definitely loving Madewell’s Summer Skimmers right now! ¬†They work for night and day, on and off a plane. ¬†Layer a soft tee with a lightweight scarf that can double as a neck pillow and then you can really snuggle in with your new hubby and travel blanket. ¬†I also find that journaling while I’m traveling makes it so fun to look back and remember a trip. ¬†Kate Spade carries super cute notebooks like the “Ready for Departure?” one above!

To keep that newlywed glow:
I know some like to think of a travel day as a day with no primping necessary, but I usually like to carry at least the basics with me. ¬†An eos chapstick, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and makeup remover towelettes will be your best friend by the end of the long flight. ¬†I also pack all of my makeup that I will use on the trip in a travel kit that fits in a tote just in case my luggage gets lost. ¬†Buying an extra outfit when arriving isn’t too bad but nobody wants to deal with restocking a makeup bag!

There you have it! ¬†These are the basics of my carry on! ¬†What are your thoughts? ¬†Anything I’m missing out on or you just can’t travel without? ¬†I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Happy travels! xo


Bon Voyage!

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