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Ever go on a vacation and have the “I never want to go back” feeling??  Happens to me all the time!  With the normal excitement of a vacation mixed with all of the newlywed bliss you’ll be feeling, a honeymoon will be the epitome of that statement.  I always love seeing the ways my clients decide to capture their honeymoon so I’ve decided to round up some of my favorites for you…

Sending yourself postcards from each stop of your adventure is a great way to remember how you were feeling and what you saw in each spot!  Plus, who doesn’t love getting snail mail, even if it’s from yourself!

Photo by Caroline Joy

Travel Journal:
Writing in a journal together would be a fun activity to start off each day as you drink your morning cup of coffee!  It’s a great way to recap the day before and all the fun adventures that you experienced together.  If you bring a Polaroid camera you can stick in photos of the day too!

Journal via In Or Out Media

While an iPhone app seems like the easiest, most convenient option, carrying a small video camera such as a Flip Cam with higher quality video and longer battery life is definitely the way to go!  If you’re especially brave, some of my favorite videos my clients have shown me have been on a vintage camera like an 8mm.  You can rent one for your trip and even hire a videographer when you get home to put together an awesome video with all of your film!

Local Treats:
Ship a local piece of art or your favorite bottle of wine you came across!  Something that you can visibly keep in your home to remind you of one of the best trips of your life!

Did you do something special and unique to commemorate your honeymoon?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!
Happy travels! xo

Bon Voyage!

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  1. | Kimberly Olsen Says:

    Yes I agree with the travel journal. We basically did that on our Italian honeymoon (which you so amazingly planned for us) and then I blogged every day in great detail about what we did. It's fun to go back and read my blog entries!

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