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Happy Friday everyone! Today, I am super excited about starting a new Friday feature called “Styled Travels.” For my first Styled Travels post, I am featuring one of my favorite traveling accessories, the retro-inspired floppy hat. What I love most about big floppy hats is the glamorous feeling that comes along with dawning one of these stylish gems. Moreover, there’s nothing worse than getting sunburned, especially on your face. So why sport a plain old ball cap when you can rock one of these adorable hats?! Next to sunscreen, big floppy hats are a must when you’re out in the sunshine. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Miso Lace Floppy Hat 2. Orange Floppy Hat 3. Barley Floppy Hat 4. Side-Bow Floppy Hat 5. White Flower Floppy Hat 6. Raffia Flower Floppy Hat 7. Striped Floppy Hat

What other styles do you guys like??

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Bon Voyage!

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