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As many of you know, I was lucky enough to venture off to the beautiful islands of St. Barths & Anguilla last week with the wonderful Summer Watkins of Grey Likes Weddings and my assistant Lindsey and we had just about the best time ever! None of us had visited either island before, and boy were we in for a treat! So for this, I am super excited to share all of our adventures on St. Barths and then next week I will spill all the fun details of the island of Anguilla.

St. Barthelemy, better known as St. Barths (or St. Barts) is an island collectivity of France, nestled a midst the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean known as the French West Indies. Unlike the surrounding Caribbean islands, St. Barths is a little piece of Europe in the Atlantic Ocean, and when I say little, I mean a mere 8 square miles little.

Being in the Honeymoon business, I always have clients wanting the glamorous European getaway without the hellish long travel time, and St. Barths is the solution to this problem! The native language of the island is French, but English is widely spoken. The feel is relaxed, sophisticated elegance; French Riviera with a laid back Caribbean touch. The hillside is dotted with red-roofed villas, lush green landscape, and picturesque waters, and the people are just as beautiful as the island’s breathtaking beaches. Our photos are proof that even during hurricane season, St. Barths is truly an island paradise.

If you’re looking for European elegance and a luxurious island hideaway that isn’t spoiled by towering casino hotels or mega resorts, St. Barths is the destination for you. From snorkeling and surfing, to shopping and exquisite cuisine, St. Barths is more than just lounging on the beach; there is something for everyone, and the natives are overjoyed to share it!

I am so excited about this week and everything we have to share with you about St. Barths! Check back tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday for inside looks at the best hotels on the island and on Friday we will give all the details on where to eat, what beaches to visit, and what to bring for your St. Barths getaway!

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Bon Voyage!

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