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I feature many real honeymoons on here, but what makes this one really special is that Isaiah and Dana visited Hotel Le Toiny in St Barths and The Viceroy Resort in Anguilla just as we did on the trip I recently featured (Part 1 | Part 2).  Now you get to hear all about the hotels and islands from a honeymoon couple!

I’ve already told you so many of my favorite parts about St Barths and Anguilla that I’m excited to share what Dana and Isaiah had to say!

Choosing St Barths & Anguilla for their Honeymoon

We would have never chose St Barth’s or Anguilla without Katie.  These two islands weren’t even on our radar!  But after we filled out Katie’s first questionnaire, she sent us some amazing options for our honeymoon. From there, we had some decisions to make – and it came down to whether we wanted to go for the historical, touristy destinations of Italy and Greece, or the relaxing, tropical islands of St Barth’s and Anguilla.  We always knew from the start that we  wanted to travel somewhere new for the both of us. In the end, we chose St Barth’s and Anguilla because we knew we were going to need some tranquility in our lives.  These two remote places definitely had that and lots of history to boot!

Unforgettable Moment

In Anguilla, we had a blast traveling to Scilly Cay, which is basically an extremely tiny island along Anguilla where they serve HUGE portions of lobster, crayfish, and chicken for lunch. With no electricity on the island, they rely on a large abundance of charcoal grills to prepare their food fresh daily.  Not only was Scilly Cay beautiful, but it was also fun!  We went with another honeymoon couple who we met at our resort and we all drank way too many Rum Punches and finished our gigantic plates of food in no time. We’d definitely go back!

What they Loved

At Hotel Le Toiny in St Barth’s, we of course loved having our own pool right outside our humongous private villa; and the fact that breakfast was served on our porch each morning was definitely a plus!  Having that was everything and more than we could have ever asked for.  But mostly, we loved getting to know the island, the history behind it, and the French people who occupy it. We found everyone to be extremely nice, helpful, and interesting.  Aside from all that, the food was insane!  We ate Top Chef meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.

The Viceroy Resort in Anguilla was the highlight of the second part of our trip.  Not only was it extremely pristine and gorgeous, but it was so big, that we were able to lay out at the beach one day and try the various different pools (including this infinity pool) within the resort the other days.  We also LOVED the spa!  My brother and sister-in-law got us a couples message to their spa as our wedding gift and it was so heavenly that we decided to go again to end our trip on a high note.

Cherished Memory

She said 

For me, it would be our first night in Anguilla!  It was a Monday and upon arrival, we were told there was a Manager’s Happy Hour in the Sunset Lounge later that night.  We got ready and headed down to the bar where this happy hour was taking place, and immediately we were served complimentary drinks of our choice.  I was taking in the beautiful scenery of the resort and people watching, of course, which is one of my favorite past-times.  Then, we went to dinner at one of the Viceroy’s many restaurants, and afterwards, we danced the night away while DJ Sugar was spinning at the Sunset Lounge!  We both had a blast and have great pictures showcasing how much fun we were having with each other!!

He Said

I loved St Barth’s, especially the night we had dinner at On the Rocks, located in the Eden Rock Hotel.  The restaurant had a really cool ambiance and the food was unbelievable.  We actually only ate appetizers and desserts and we were more than satisfied.  It was a great night and we had the best time together.

Honemooner Hints

In St Barth’s, definitely rent a car but be aware that it is really scary to drive! Isaiah ended up loving it, but I was always nervous because the roads are not what we are used to.  They were extremely rocky and mountainous!  It was great to get out during the day and explore the island, but we always took cabs at night.

One of the best restaurants we ate at in St Barth’s was Bonito, set in the center of Gustavia, this restaurant is set on a cliff overlooking the city!  The service was phenomenal.

Shopping in St Barth’s was great. One night, we shopped in the town of Gustavia and then went to a few bars for a drink, namely “Le Select” which was a total locals joint and famously known for where the song “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was written.  Eventually, we went to dinner and made friends with some other Americans visiting the island.  It was a blast!

In Anguilla, stay at the Viceroy! That would be our only advice! We saw other hotels and nothing came close to comparing.

Three Little Words

Dana: Hard to top!!!!

Isaiah: Unreal, unreal, unreal!

Does this sound like your perfect honeymoon?  Contact me and I will take care of the rest!

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Bon Voyage!

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  1. | Shannon Kircher Says:

    Agree on renting a car in St. Barths - definitely the best (most cost-effective!) way to get around! In Anguilla, Scilly Cay is such a special place for us, too - so great to experience. There are many great hotels on the island though, and the smaller ones capture the island's feel even better!

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