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I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Island Guide on St. Barths! Now here is the fun stuff- beaches, food & drinks! So here’s the lowdown on our favorite beaches, restaurants & bars of St. Barths.

Beaches: St. Barths itself is only 8 square miles, but there are approximately 20 plages (beaches) and even more anses (coves) that will literally take your breath away and are all within 20 minutes of each other (at most). I’ve never seen water so clear!

Bring along your own towels, chairs & an umbrella. Also see if your hotel can put together a picnic for you! (Le Toiny does this!) Or you can do what we did and stop by a local market to grab a few snacks and drinks for the day. As always, don’t forget sunscreen!

  • Anse de Grande Saline: A favorite of the locals, this beach is ideal for swimmers. The beach is a 10 minute walk up a rocky trail, so be sure to wear the right shoes for the trek.

  • Anse du Gouverneur: This was our favorite beach, hands down. It’s very secluded and serene. There’s also good snorkeling and legend has it that pirates’ treasure is buried in the vicinity. You can park your car right next to the entrance to the beach and while it’s a little farther than other beaches, it is totally worth it. There’s not much else around this beach in terms of restaurants or other services, so plan accordingly.

  • Baie de St. Jean: This was another favorite beach of ours. The site of the notorious Nikki Beach and right next to Eden Rock Hotel, this area is filled with beachside restaurants, shopping, sunbathing beauties, windsurfers, and day-trippers who tend to arrive on rather large yachts. You can rent chairs and umbrellas at La Plage or Nikki Beach for about 20 euros for the entire day.

Restaurants: Like the beaches, the restaurants on St. Barths are plentiful to say the least, with more than 80 to choose from!

  • Le Gaiac: Delicious cliff-side dining at Hotel Le Toiny.  They announce special menus on their Facebook page.  Beautiful ocean views from the restaurant.  They also have a great Sunday Brunch that many people say is the best on the island!
  • Eddy’s: Behind a wrought iron gate sits this open-aired tropical garden dinner setting, known for their French-Creole-Asian infused cuisine and notable daily specials. The restaurant is really hidden from the street and unless you know where to look, you’ll walk right past it….
  • Le Ti St. Barths: This is the dinner hot spot in St. Barths and we had an absolute blast when we were there! It’s guaranteed that someone is dancing on the tables by the end of the night! The famous full-moon parties and season openers and closer parties are legendary to say the least. We were lucky enough to be in town for the Moroccan Season Closer Party where belly dancers danced around the restaurant towards the end of the meal and had everyone on their feet once they had eaten dessert. Your best bet for determining the night to go to Le Ti is to ask around. Once you’ve figured out the night to go, make reservations for a semi-late dinner, so there’s no lull between dessert and dancing.
  • Bar de l’Oubli: Referred to as the “corner bar,” Bar de l’Oubli is across from Le Select and is a great place for pre-dinner drinks. You’ve got to try the waiter’s special martini (strawberry puree, vodka, pepper & champange – deliciousness in a cup!).
  • Casa Nikki: The place to be on the weekends!  This is a fun restaurant & bar right on the beach!
  • Le Select: Said to be St. Barth’s “original hangout,” it was this burger bar that inspired Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”
  • Le Yacht Club: Advertised as a private club, this is THE place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. With white comfy sofas, a bumping DJ, and a delicious pannini/crepe bar for late night snacks, it’s the ultimate night out.
  • Le Piment: Across the street from the famous Nikki Beach, this is a delicious lunch spot. Their paninis are a must!

There are plenty of other great places in St. Barths- these are just a few we came across and enjoyed.

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Bon Voyage!

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