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Like all-inclusive hotels, cruises typically have a bad reputation.  But just like all-inclusive hotels, there are definitely some incredible exceptions!  When you think of cruises, some of the first things that come to mind are cheesy monstrosities, overflowing with obnoxious kids and bad food, but there are some cruise ships that are ideal for honeymoon couples!!

Photos By Pamela Hanson

Unlike your typical larger cruise ship, Small Ship Cruises are luxury vessels that hold around the same number of people as a small boutique hotel so you don’t feel like cattle being transported on a freighter. Most Small Ship Cruises are also designed specifically to navigate shallow waters, taking you to a handful of different island paradises all in one trip. And really, what’s better than waking up in a new paradise every day?

Next week I will be sharing some fantastic voyages! I can guarantee that by the end of the week, we are all going to wish we were sailing away together on one of these small ship cruises!

Photographer: Pamela Hanson

Bon Voyage!

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