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Russ and Jeanne decided to throw tradition aside when they let Ever After Honeymoons plan their vacation. They decided upon a honeymoon in Turkey.

The couple, who describes themselves as “fun, cool and hip, but really we’re just total nerds,” chose Turkey because they thought it would be a mix of history and fun, and boy were they right!

They spent 11 days traveling Turkey. The first part was spent in Kusadasi, a famous beach town where they relaxed and enjoyed their brand new marital bliss. Next stop, Cappadocia! Cappadocia is full of caves and an underground city (Derinkuyu, the historical part of the vacation).

The last stop was Istanbul where the couples visited former churches, now mosques, the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires and the Sultan’s Palace. They ate, they stayed, they conquered! They stayed over the Aegean Sea, in a cave hotel and a modern European-style hotel in Istanbul. Who could ask for anything more?

Their favorite part?
We loved seeing the ruins of the Roman city Ephesus, and Istanbul was filled with so much history and architecture which we really enjoyed.

Final remarks on the trip?
Relaxing, adventurous and fun! It was definitely the honeymoon of a lifetime!

Russ and Jeanne took a very original route when it came to their honeymoon, does it inspire you to as well?
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Bon Voyage!

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