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I have a special Honeymoon to share with you today.  I planned Kathryn from Snippet and Ink‘s honeymoon to Kauai, and they had an incredible time.  Kathryn and Ryan got hitched in December and they knew that they wanted to go somewhere warm.  They decided to go to Kauai and stay at the gorgeous St. Regis Princeville!


Kathryn said, “The pool was my favorite part of our trip, second only to the helicopter ride. I could happily have stayed there, sipping chilled citrus water (or a mai tai) and reading my book, for the entire 5 days we were on the island. Right on the beach, with amazing views of Hanalei Bay, plus awesome poolside service, lounging with my new hubby. Really, does it get any better than that?”

The overall feel of our room was a sort of refined contemporary Hawaiian – sophisticated, comfortable, elegant but not fussy. And yes, the view is pretty much unbeatable.”

Although it did rain one of the days while Kathryn and Ryan were there, they decided to spend it at the resort’s Halele’s Spa.  After they got their massages, they enjoyed tea and cookies in the spa’s lounge, followed by the sauna and steam room.  Kathryn points out that the steam room is intense. I kind of loved it. Stepping out of it to an ice cold face towel felt amazing. (You can also book certain spa treatments in oceanside cabanas. )”

Below is  the view from their Ocean View room.
“Stunning is the only word for it, even with the shoddy photography. We were pretty lucky with the weather on our trip, and only had one day of rain the whole time. The next morning, we counted at least 15 waterfalls that had appeared on the cliffs outside our window.”

Kathryn and Ryan also opted to upgrade to a convertible.  Kauai’s not a big island, but I promise, if you plan on leaving your hotel at all, a convertible is totally worth it – it made all of our sightseeing infinitely more fun.”

Kathryn’s favorite part of her honeymoon was was a helicopter tour of the island. 
“There are several companies to choose from, and we opted for Jack Harters doors-off tour, recommended to us by the St. Regis concierge who was super helpful with setting everything up. Doors-off literally means there are no doors on the helicopter, which makes an already indescribable experience even more breathtaking. We saw parts of the island you can’t see any other way, dipping into canyons, getting up close to waterfalls, flying along sea cliffs of the Na’Pali Coast. Kauai might not offer the nightlife or shopping scene of other Hawaiian islands, but its beauty is unparalleled and a helicopter tour is totally worth it.”

Kathryn and Ryan spent their time watching the stunning sunsets at the St. Regis Bar. The view was undoubtedly spectacular for them and gave them the chance to relax and soak in all their surroundings.

Thank you, Kathryn and Ryan for sharing your honeymoon with us!  You can read more on Kathryn’s blog in her honeymoon post.  She’s also included many useful tips to help with your honeymoon.

Bon Voyage!

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    >omg gorgeous!!! i'm meeting my parents in kauai on Saturday but we're staying at the westin! i wish we were going to the st. regis, it's so gorgeous!! what a great pool, too!

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    You raelly saved my skin with this information. Thanks!

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    You mean I don't have to pay for expert advice like this aynomre?!

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