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For today’s Real Honeymoon, I am excited to share the Italian escape of Amanda and Colin. These two newlyweds ventured to some of my favorite places in Italy: Sorrento, Capri, and Rome. Originally, the two wanted to do a beach vacation, knowing they were going to be exhausted from all of the wedding festivities, but they decided to nix that idea and go on an Italian adventure. ¬†Sorrento met the couple with relaxation and delicious food, Capri offered a few more opportunities for site-seeing without being too exhausting, and finally, after some relaxation and rejuvenation, the two arrived in Rome for exciting sites and delicious foodie experiences! Amanda and Colin started their trip in Sorrento at the crazy-chic La Minervetta and in their own words, this was “such a perfect place to feel spoiled and start our honeymoon.” I love that! It is just the way a couple should feel on their honeymoon.

These two are huge foodies and started following Italian food bloggers on Twitter so they were able to find some amazing restaurants. In Rome, Amanda and Colin were head over heels for the Carbonara at Roscioli, and they also said that the 6-course tasting menu at All’Oro was probably the best meal they ever had!

Gorgeous, adventurous, and delicious, the three perfect words to describe Amanda and Colin’s honeymoon getaway. I’m loving all of their pictures! Aren’t they the cutest??

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Bon Voyage!

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