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Ok so this trip wasn’t a honeymoon, but it was definitely a special vacation because Francesco and Natalie got engaged on their first night in Hawaii!  They spent 2 nights in Waikiki and then took a 7 night cruise around the Hawaiian Islands that stopped in Maui, Hilo, Kona and Kauai.  Read on to hear about their amazing trip!

The trip was planned to celebrate Francesco’s graduation, but they had much more to celebrate!  Francesco proposed at sunset on Waikiki beach.  And of course Natalie said yes!!!  Great way to start off an amazing vacation!

Francesco and Natalie wanted a combination of relaxation and activities, and by doing the cruise they were able to have both and see most of the Hawaiian Islands.

They started with 2 nights at the Moana Surfrider Hotel right in the middle of Waikiki beach which they loved.  This was the first hotel in Waikiki, and they loved the historical significance and great character the hotel has.

Next was the cruise.  The cabin was a little small, but they loved the ship, and especially the locations of where the ship docked.  They also loved the variety of restaurants to choose from on the ship.

They also loved Hawaii!  As Natalie said, How could you not love Hawaii?!  It was fantastic.  The cruise is such a great way to see all the islands.  We probably never would have made a trip to the Big Island and it ended up being on of our favorites!  Every island is very different so we were able to get some variety, which is not always possible at a beach destination.  We were able to see an active volcano, a ton of gorgeous beaches, beautiful sunsets, lots of fish, and beautiful mountains all in the same trip.

As for advice for other couples going on a Hawaiian Cruise, Natalie said, I would also suggest renting cars on the islands.  We were able to see so much of the islands by driving ourselves.  All the rental car companies have shuttles and it was very convenient.

Also, it is important to realize that, even though food is included, you will probably still spend a lot on board.  I expected to spend a lot, but the bill was still a little bit of a shock at the end.

Natalie and Francesco described their trip as amazing, romantic and memorable.

If you are interested in taking a similar vacation please contact Ever After Honeymoons.  I can’t guarantee a proposal though!

Bon Voyage!

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