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Shannon and Dan spent their honeymoon in the beautiful city of Rome, the gorgeous Amalfi Coast and then the bustling city of Barcelona. “We loved each city – each for different reasons. Rome with the history, sights, and the great food! After a whirlwind few days in Rome, heading to the Amalfi Coast was perfect.”





We could not have imagined a more beautiful place than Ravello and Palazzo Avino! There are just not adequate words to describe the beauty of the views (not to mention the beach club – WOW). Our upgraded room had a great balcony where we shared drinks and snacks every night looking out on the gorgeous water view. And Ravello was just what we needed – we did excursions such as to Capri for a day, but it was so nice coming home to quiet Ravello full of the nicest people! And, wow, Barcelona – so amazing in its own way. The pool and location right on the beach was perfect for relaxing after our busy days exploring the amazing city! The city truly is electric you can feel the enthusiasm.”



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Sounds like the time of a lifetime, right? Email me to start planning your dream honeymoon!


Bon Voyage!

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