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Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Today, we have a great Real Honeymoon to share with you all. This adorable couple wanted a beachfront tropical getaway that wasn’t too big of a hassle to get to and so being from San Diego, Cancun was a perfect destination. They stayed at the Hotel Le Blanc. The property is absolutely stunning and the hotel has so much to offer: great food, amazing pools, a magnificent spa… they even had their own butler! Upon their arrival, the hotel also had a bottle of champagne and a delicious dessert waiting in their honeymoon suite!

Beautiful, huh?! Tropical, luxurious, and relaxing, just what they needed for their honeymoon getaway!

Interested in going to Le Blanc for your honeymoon? Email us! hello{at}

Bon Voyage!

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  1. | mayank Says:

    >Lovely pictures..
    pnr status

  2. | Paul- Planning Honeymoons Says:

    >Looks like they had a good time. Having people wait on you hand and foot is the way the honeymoon should be. Cancun is great for a tropical getaway. I was there for New Years. Best wishes to the couple on their marriage and God Bless.

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