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Brooke and Brandon had always wanted to go to Australia so they pulled out all the stops for their honeymoon. They visited Cairns, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and spent three nights in each city.

Brooke and Brandon loved that each place they visited was very different and are glad they were able to see so many destinations.  Brandon had never been outside the US and loved that Australia didn’t feel as intimidating as other international destinations they were considering for their honeymoon. We didn’t experience any culture shock, it didn’t feel overwhelming, and it made for a great experience! says Brooke.

Another highlight of the trip were the hotels. All the hotels were beautiful! They really made it feel like an extravagant trip.  Their locations were great, making it easy to tour the cities.  The staff were always very friendly, easy to talk to, and ready to help, says Brooke.

Their favorite moments were spent scuba diving, walking through the cities and visiting a wildlife sanctuary in Sydney where they could pet and feed the animals.

Brooke and Brandon offered some great tips for couple considering going to Australia for their honeymoon: With only three days in each city, we had to prioritize what we really wanted to do.  Talk to the staff at your hotels, the people you sit next to on the plane, or even waiters/waitresses and employees at the stores you shop at for local attractions or fun restaurants and activities you wouldn’t normally hear about.  The people we ran into were very nice and definitely made a difference in the trip!

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Bon Voyage!

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