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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Today, I am excited to share with you Jay & Abby’s honeymoon escape to Australia. Jay & Abby were married last winter but wanted to honeymoon somewhere with nice, warm weather, so they figured that Australia would be the ideal location because while it was winter in the states, Australia was in the middle of their summer months. Although the couple didn’t realize that their summer is actually the wettest time of the year, they had beautiful weather nonetheless.

The newlyweds, Jay & Abby.

Jay & Abby enjoyed the hustle & bustle of the city life in Syndey for the first days of their trip, then traveled to Hamilton Island where they relaxed in a beautiful lagoon and walked along the serene white beaches, and wrapped up their trip exploring the Great Barrier Reef and experiencing the luxury of Cairns. At two of the three hotels, the lucky newlyweds were met with room upgrades and champagne in celebration of their marriage. They also were upgraded to an exit row for their flights between Sydney & LAX! A much appreciated upgrade, seeing as they were traveling at least 13 hours each way.

Sydney at Sunset – image via My Opera
Abby at the Aquarium in Sydney
Jay in Sydney
Jay & Abby at the Taronga Zoo.
Kangaroos at the zoo!
Beautiful white sand beaches
View of Hamilton Island

Relaxing, fun, & memorable, Jay & Abby’s Australian getaway made for their ideal honeymoon and I am so happy I was able to help them out! And come on, aren’t these beaches just to die for?! Wishing I was relaxing here right now.

Wishing this was me! Image via

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Bon Voyage!

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