A Tour of Europe – London, Paris, Munich, Venice, Florence and Rome

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Cat and Jeerun had a whirlwind European Honeymoon, visiting London, Paris, Munich, Venice, Florence and Rome.  After hearing about how fabulous Europe was from their friends and family, they thought it would be the perfect destination for their honeymoon.

“Paris and Rome were amazing because of all the sights there were to see,” says Jeerun, “We also really enjoyed Munich because we caught the tail-end of Oktoberfest.  I enjoyed the beer and Cat enjoyed the food.  Venice was very romantic but also very crowded due to all the tourists.”

Jeerun and Cat loved that they had the freedom to be on their own schedule; they could wake up early to catch an excursion if they wanted to go on a tour or just wander around the cities at their leisure.

For couples considering going on a similar honeymoon, Cat and Jeerun would suggest staying on the main island in Venice, especially if your visit to Venice is short.  They stayed on Lido Island and it was a bit time consuming traveling from Lido Island to the main island.

Overall their honeymoon just as they’d hoped: fun, memorable and romantic!

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Bon Voyage!

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  1. | Holly Says:

    >so glad i found your blog! i have no idea where to go! we feel like we've been to all the obvious spots already.

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