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I had the pleasure of planning a much deserved trip for the talented wedding photographer Ala Cortez and her husband to Greece and Italy. They hopped between Greece and Italy, and enjoyed all of the charm of Santorini, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, and Rome. You can see all their photos and read the full post on her blog, but I’ve included a beautifully written excerpt from Ala that highlights how the smallest experiences make the biggest and most lasting impacts.

It was things like driving a manual transmission car, in the rain, on foreign windy roads as we made our way to San Gimignano, Italy. Sitting on the steps of the Collegiata in the Piazza del Duomo, huddled around a cup of the best pistachio gelato in the world, watching the amateur orchestra perform. Tear-filled life talks over beers in Florence. Biking along the walls surrounding Lucca, overlooking the charming city. Walking into a tiny Sorrento storefront and letting a man who spoke no english whatsoever make sandals for me with his own two hands. Or my favorite day, renting a boat in Capri driving around the entire island stopping for a swim in the Grotta Verde, parking our boat to share lunch and a bottle of prosecco and finally, driving through the Faraglioni. What a glorious day! – Ala Cortez

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Thanks so much Ala for sharing your adventures!  It’s always good to take a trip to explore the world and enjoy one another. I love creating getaways for couples and I look forward to making a custom itinerary that suits your exact style. Let’s start planning!

Photo Credit: Ala Cortez

Bon Voyage!

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  1. | Kimberly Says:

    Amazing photos!

    Katie planned our Italy honeymoon which we took this summer and my favorite day was also spent in Capri {boat ride was incredible, never wanted it to end}.

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