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Jaimi from Fiore Beauty is heading off on a fabulous vacation to South Beach and Anguilla.  Before she left, I asked her to share what she will be bringing along in her makeup bag.  Hopefully this will help you pack light and look fabulous on your honeymoon!  Thanks so much Jaimi!

I’m leaving for my amazing trip to Anguilla and South Beach that I had the luxury not to do anything to plan thanks to Katie, but I do have to plan what beauty products will make the cut for our tropical vacay. The beauty goal for warm beach trip is to work with the warm climate, relax your routine, and still look effortlessly gorgeous.

It’s not fun to have your man waiting in paradise while you do your full beauty regimen! Here’s while I’m packing to keep pretty on the island.


1. Boscia BB Crème } BB Crème is short for beauty balm and Boscia’s is my fave. It’s a SPF, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and mattifier all rolled into one… like a tinted moisturizer on steroids.  That’s about 5 steps knocked out of your regimen and 5 less containers to carry for great looking skin!

2. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze} Part bronzer, part blush, part luminizer, part eye shadow, part magic, enough said. I love this little thing.

3. MAC Lipstick in Costa Chic and Quick Sizzle} When in a tropical place you either go very natural or very colorful.  These lipstick colors are all you need for your pop lips. A simply made up face, even poolside without mascara, and these babies will do the trick!

4. MAC Crème Blush in Posey} I love crème blush and this color makes everyone look flushed and summery.

5. Kate Spade Makeup Bag} This cute little bag is the perfect size for traveling with all your summer time beauty treats.

6. Orofludio Beauty Elixir for your Hair} There is all sorts of humidity in tropical places, lets not fight it because we’ll lose.  Then there is salt water and sun.  I’m just bringing Orofludio. This hair oil is just special and will fix all things that islands do to hair. Also, it smells so pretty and sexy which also is perfect for tropical vacations.

{Amazing product suggestions made by Fiore Beauty}

Thank you Jaimi for your fabulous babe know all! I think I need to order that BB creme immediately! If you want to see more from Jaimi, and why wouldn’t you, visit her website and blog.

Makeup Artist: Fiore Beauty

Bon Voyage!

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