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The last hotel we visited was the Hotel Eden Rock. I just loved this place!! It is such a cool property and has so much history. It’s been a hideout for big shots and celebrities since the 50’s and 60’s, and the hotel staff  goes out of their way to ensure every guest is treated as such.

Eden Rock was one of the first hotels on the island of St. Barths and was originally the home of a famous Caribbean aviator & adventurer, Rémy de Haenen. Once the word got out about this island paradise, however, the Eden Rock estate became an escape for Rémy’s Hollywood friends throughout the 50s & 60s. The hotel was eventually bought by a British couple who took Rémy’s private estate and transformed it into a secluded 34-room boutique beachfront hotel. If you’re looking for the elegance and sophistication of the French Riviera with a relaxed, Caribbean, family feel, Hotel Eden Rock on St. Barths has your name written all over it.

Eden Rock has a little bit of something for everyone. Literally. Not only does the hotel have these beautiful rooms, it also has these gorgeous villa suites, one of which, the Villa Rockstar, has it’s own screening room & recording studio with the mixing console that was used by John Lennon to record the iconic “Imagine” album. Everything you need for a Caribbean getaway, right?

Fortunately, while it’s nice to dream about escaping to a place like Villa Rockstar, Eden Rock offers rooms for the more average traveler but still makes guests feel as if they are just as VIP as the guests staying in Villa Rockstar.

Another thing I love about Eden Rock is the in-house art studio. Every 3 months or so, Eden Rock brings in a new artist to showcase their work and use the beauty of the island as inspiration for upcoming and current projects. Fun, huh??

Even if you don’t get the pleasure of staying at Eden Rock, it’s basically imperative to stop by Eden Rock for lunch or dinner if you’re staying on St. Barths. The Sand Bar is ideal for lunch or a late afternoon snack/happy hour, but the real gem is On-The-Rocks. Literally perched “on the rock,”  each table has spectacular views of St. Jean Bay. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that it is one of the most romantic spots for dinner on the entire island.

Eden Rock is the iconic St. Barths hotel stay, luxurious, unique, and stylish.

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Bon Voyage!

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    This is beautiful! We can think of no place better that we want to be!

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    Great atricle, thank you again for writing.

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    Good points all around. Truly appreciated.

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