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Your guests are already going to come to your wedding, get you engagement gifts, come to all of your showers and give you a wedding gift. Your guests love to buy gifts for you, but, what if their wedding gift to you was to contribute to your honeymoon? Or your Honeyfund!

A Honeyfund is a gift registry for your honeymoon! It works just like a regular registry, you set up your gift items, you can add airfare, champagne and even non-honeymoon items. It is a great way to ask for cash, without actually asking for it. PayPal’s fees and restrictions apply (usually 2.9% +$.30 USD per transaction), and are taken away before the money is given to you, your guests aren’t charged anything else.

Traveler’s Joy is another great honeymoon registry site.
On Traveler’s Joy you can customize a page all about you as a couple and your honeymoon needs – er – wants.  Check out the sites of couples that have already used Traveler’s Joy for ways you can use yours! Traveler’s Joy charges a 7.5% fee for use. For example, if your guest gave you $10 towards drinks for your honeymoon you would only actually receive $9.25. Those that give you gifts will never be charged more than they wanted to spend on you!

So, what’s the catch?

Well, you probably have to book your honeymoon on your own dime, since the money only comes in as the gifts do. A lot of people will most likely wait until very close to the wedding to actually purchase your honeymoon gift.  So you can either pay yourself back from the honeymoon fund, or you can delay your honeymoon until you have actually received the money.

All of my clients have been really pleasantly surprised by how much money they received from their honeymoon registry, so hopefully you have great luck with it as well!

Bon Voyage!

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