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These days, the hardest part about packing a carry on is how to fit all of your techy gadgets in with your snacks, beauty products, and neck pillow.  With all the choices out there of the extras to bring on a long trip, I decided to make a list of my top travel must-haves when it comes to gadgets!

Waterproof iPhone case: Laying on a beach or next to pool you’re bound to have some kind of phone accident!  Even if you’re the safest person in the world, bringing some kind of waterproof case for your iPhone will be one of your best investments.  Not only will you save yourself from damage, it will also be fun to use it for underwater photos!

iPad: A staple for any traveler!  Your iPad will save you tons of room by allowing you to download digital books, magazines, and games for both the plane and for lazy vacation days.

Jabra Solemate: This little speaker system connects via Bluetooth and will sound like you brought your home speakers out onto the beach with you!  The design is sturdy and makes it able to go wherever you go.

GoPro Camera: A small, easy to carry video camera that allows you to take gorgeous film even while on extreme adventures!  If you’re planning on ziplining, scuba diving, or anything else active, I would definitely recommend bringing along one of these little guys!

Digital Luggage Scale: The dreaded 50 pound weight limit!  Most airlines will only allow bags up to a certain weight and sometimes the bathroom scale just doesn’t make the cut.  Getting one of these will save you time and money in the airport!

Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones: Long flight and a rambunctious toddler sitting a few rows back?  These will be your best friend!  Turn on one of the movies you’ve downloaded on your iPad, sit back, and relax with only the sounds you want to hear.

Portable iPhone charger: JCrew offers these little portable chargers that are great to stash in your purse for low battery emergencies.  Getting caught in a foreign country with a dying phone is never fun.  Mine has saved me multiple times!

Happy travels!

Bon Voyage!

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