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We have been getting a ton of requests lately for Kauai, so I wanted to give the island a little lovin’ today! Kauai is one of my favorite islands in Hawaii because of how much it offers. ¬†One main road encircles the island’s entirety, excluding the vast 15 mile stretch of cliffs known as the Napali Coast. One of the most exciting activities to partake in when visiting Kauai is a helicopter tour, such as Jack Harter’s “Door’s Off” tour- literally, no doors on this helicopter! They also offer ones with doors if this idea scares you.
Sunset Island View
Kapali Cliff
Island Beauty

By seeing the island from a bird’s eye view, you are able to see so many beautiful things that you would never be able able to see otherwise. From dipping into the vast canyons, to flying along the sea cliffs of the Napali Coast and getting up close and personal with the gigantic waterfalls, the beauty of Kauai is unparalleled.

Valleys of Kauai
Napali Coast
Look at those waterfalls!
Wailua Falls
Waimea Canyon
Hidden Falls

Another exciting site on the island of Kauai is the Queen’s Bath in Princeville. This “pool” is carved into a lava shelf and is the size of several large swimming pools combined. While it is typically closed in the winter months, the water is almost always calm and crystal clear when the tide cooperates during the summer months. It is just another amazing natural beauty in Kauai.

Swimming in Queen’s BathVia Chris Kenney
Look how clear the water is!

While you’re there, you also should check out the weekly Sunshine Markets¬†filled with some of the most delicious fruits and veggies you’ll ever eat!

Hilo Farmer’s Market

Also check out the Kilauea Lighthouse, a landmark National Heritage site of Kauai that is also a protected wildlife reserve.

Kilauea Lighthouse
Kilauea Lighthouse

The beaches in Kauai aren’t too shabby either!



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Bon Voyage!

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