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During my latest stay in Paris I rented an apartment which I loved! It was a great way to experience the city like a local for a few days! So I was really excited to discover Cobble Stay.  They have an incredible selection of beautiful apartments in Paris in the best locations in the city.  This is perfect for honeymoon couples that want privacy and space- hotel rooms in Paris are tiny!  It is also great for couples that want to cook some meals, or just have a picnic of wine, cheeses and baguettes in front of the fire place!

Here is one  Cobble Stay apartment in my favorite neighborhood of Paris, Marais Magic

Not only is the apartment itself amazing, the property is in a prime location. Marais is a really cute area filled with little boutiques and cafes.

I’m absolutely in love with the postcard backsplash in the kitchen. Isn’t it so cool??

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Bon Voyage!

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