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One question I am always asked is how/when/where is the best place to get cash when traveling abroad and dealing with exchange rates. So, if you’re getting ready to jet-set somewhere fabulous for the holidays I have two words for you: DEBIT CARD.

Photographer: Patrick Ng

Debit cards typically end up getting the best exchange rates, so always be sure to bring this along with you. You will need to pay a fee to use a foreign ATM, but even with the fee the exchange rate is the best.  And since you will need to pay a fee for each transaction, take out larger amounts each time.

And last, always be sure to call your bank to notify them ahead of time of when and where you will be traveling. This way they won’t put your card on hold thinking the foreign charges are fraudulent.

For more information on foreign exchange rates, check out these sites: XE & X-Rates

Photographer: Patrick Ng

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Travel Guides

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I have a lot of couples looking for recommendations on guide books. So I’ve decided to put together a Travel Guide Round Up!

Luxe City Guides: These are my favorite travel guides. Luxe City Guides are mostly restaurant and shopping focused guides. Their recommendations always lead you to these amazing little local spots that I never would have on my own!  They also have a mobile app.

Assouline Travel & Lifestyle Books: These books are fabulous for anyone who wants an interesting take on the history of a certain locale. These books read like a story and serve as a colorful tribute to the destination they are about. Not to mention they make great coffee table books.

City Secrets Guides: These guides take travelers away from all of the other tourists, crowds, and craziness and point them towards the types of places a friend would tell you to go to. City Secrets Guides are the true Insider’s Guides.

There are also some great websites that help with research before I head out on any adventure.

FATHOM – FATHOM is an independent travel website from the founders of Daily Candy and prides itself on being the “website that reflects the way that wired, global-minded travelers plan, purchase, & share their travel experiences.”

Fabsearch – “The Ultimate Travel & Going Out Guide” – I love checking this site for fun places to go out for dinner or drinks in any city. It’s a complete list of all the hotspots.

Other great sites to check out: Travel + Leisure, DailyCandy, & Conde Nast Traveler.

What is your favorite travel guide?

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Travel Inspired Products

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Let’s face it, most travel souvenirs are pretty tacky- obnoxious t-shirts, plastic magnets and ugly shot glasses. I love these products because they are capable of sparking a memory from a fun travel experience.  And these are much cuter than those Hawaii plastic license plates with your name on it…

1. Ork Neighborhood Posters 2. Little Brown Pen Paris Calendars 3. Jonathan Adler Needlepoint Pillows 4. Destination Maptotes 5. Maya Brenner Necklaces 6. AHeirloom Cutting Boards

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Trusting Online Travel Reviews

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It’s time that the old saying “Don’t always believe what you see on TV” be officially changed to “don’t always believe what you see online.” This is especially true when it comes to reading hotel and travel reviews online.

One important thing to realize is that people are more inclined to leave a negative review of a hotel than they are to leave a positive one. This is especially true in regards to higher end properties, because the more expensive a hotel is, the higher a guest’s expectations will be.

It’s also really important to look at the date that a review or complaint regarding a hotel was made. For example, if there are a bunch of complaints about the food posted in 2 years ago but no recent posts about it, then most likely the issue has been resolved.

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The fact of the matter is that all travelers are looking for something different in a hotel. So what one person saw as a positive aspect of a hotel might be a negative for you. A place that’s just perfect for newlyweds just shy of 30, won’t always be paradise for an older couple looking for a different experience.

Read through reviews, but don’t put too much weight on each review.  If a vast majority of people love a hotel, there is a good chance that you will as well!  Don’t be deterred from a few negative posts here and there.  Some people are just impossible to please!

So what online review sites do you trust? Who do you take advice from? Your safest bet is to read more than just one or two reviews of a hotel and look for an over-arching opinion from a combination of opinions.

Helpful Websites:

  • TripAdvisor – hotel reviews worldwide
  • Oyster – the hotel “tell-all”
  • Room77 – for all the information about rooms you don’t find on the hotel site

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Is An All Inclusive Hotel Right For You?

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Many hotels are redefining what it means to be an all inclusive property.  With five-star restaurants, pristine beaches, and impeccable service, these resorts are most certainly worthy of their luxury reputation. This being said, all inclusive hotels aren’t perfect for every couple.  It all comes down to the destination and the type of experience you are wanting.Here are some things to consider when you are deciding whether to stay at an all inclusive resort:

-Budget: Are you wanting to know ahead of time exactly how much you will be spending on meals and drinks during your honeymoon?  Then an all inclusive hotel would definitely be great for you.  This way everything is pre-paid: food, drinks, taxes, gratuities, and usually some activities.

-The Experience: Do you see your honeymoon spent mostly at your hotel, enjoying their beaches and restaurants?  Or do you see your days spent visiting the local towns and doing adventurous activities outside of your hotel?  It only makes sense to stay at an all inclusive hotel if you plan to spend a vast majority of your time there.

-Destination: Not every destination in the world has all inclusive hotels.  There are plenty in Mexico, the Caribbean and Costa Rica.  In Fiji many resorts include meals but not beverages.  In destinations like Hawaii and Europe all inclusive hotels are not an option.

While most people think all inclusive hotels are just large mega resorts, there are also small boutique properties.  So don’t be deterred from staying at an all inclusive hotel just because you want to stay at a smaller resort.

I hope this helps with deciding whether to stay at an all inclusive hotel for your honeymoon.  Contact us at hello{at} if you would like help finding the right hotel!

Images courtesy of Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita – Riviera Maya, Coco’s Hotel – Antigua, & Namale Resort & Spa – Fiji


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