Amalfi Coast

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Emily and Dane recently celebrated their honeymoon on the beautiful Almafi Coast and instead of me telling you about how it was, Emily wrote about the trip herself! Read about her favorite moments of gelato, getting lost, and an unforgettable romantic dinner.
“As die-hard Michiganders, our vacations rarely include a trip out of state, let alone a luxurious once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon on the beautiful Amalfi Coast of Italy. And so, we soaked up every moment of bliss, from the posh hotels and breathtaking views to the unending cups of cappuccino and fresh seafood. When I think of our most perfect honeymoon, the moments that come to mind include departing the JK Place Hotel of Capri on a GEM car, waving back as the entire staff gives us a heartfelt send-off and our arrival to Positano, greeted by a luggage courier who didn’t know quite enough English (nor did we know enough Italian) to instruct us to the hotel. With that, we started with a few scoops of gelato, and set out to find Le Sirenuse; which we did, but not without a few misguided turns and a lot of laughs.”

“We loved our chic and sophisticated accommodations at Palazzo Avino, which was only a few steps away from the quaint village center. Each afternoon we would visit the grocer for a small package of fresh salami and cheese to take with us back to our room for an afternoon snack before dinner. Finding ourselves without any euros one day, that kind grocer even sent us off with our goods and simply asked that we come back the next day with payment! I didn’t know that kind of doing business even existed anymore! But it does in Ravello, like something out of a favorite novel or movie. Speaking of something out of a movie, our last evening included a romantic dinner at Villa Maria’s and our own private concert back at Palazzo Avino. As the pianist sang “Have I Told You Lately” and we danced, I couldn’t help but shed a tear thinking of just how blessed Dane and I have been to have found each other, and to have started our marriage in the most perfect fashion, on the Amalfi Coast. Ok, I was a little sad to be going home the next day too ;)” 

If you’re interested in booking your special honeymoon to the Almafi Coast like Emily did, contact me here! 

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The Viceroy Anguilla

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While I love planning honeymoons for couples in newlywed bliss, I have a special soft spot for this anniversary trip I planned for Garret and Katie.  They were never able to take a true honeymoon after their big day so needless to say, seven years later, they were ready!  With such high expectations for this trip, I knew I wanted to make it ten days that they would never forget!

Who better to tell you how much they enjoyed their trip to The Viceroy Anguilla and share some photos than Katie herself…

First off, I think you can see our excitement.  Thanks, Katie, for making this “honeymoon” a reality.  We’re so incredibly thankful.

Offering five restaurants, two beaches, and three pools, the Viceroy made it difficult to leave the resort.  What more could we ask for?  We were, however, walking distance to several restaurants along Meads Bay which included Blanchard’s Beach Shack (they have a delicious Mahi Mahi BLT), The Straw Hat, and Jacala.  Coba was, by far, our best meal.  Exceptional service (they even offered complimentary champagne in celebration of our “honeymoon”), mouth-watering red snapper and ahi, and a decadent chocolate dessert.  Yummy!

Calming and luxurious, our hotel room (aka mini mansion) with its enormous bed and deep-soaking tub was an oasis. After a day lounging at Meads Bay or the infinity pool, one of my favorite aspects of our hotel was when we walked into our room we were greeted by the smell of fresh, citrusy peppermint.  It was so refreshing.  I wish I could encapsulate that smell and live with it permanently.  It’s the small things!

We ventured out to see one of the first resorts on the island, Cap Juluca, because we knew it had primo choice when selecting its location over 25 years ago.  Although the resort can’t compare to the Viceroy, it does offer one of the most breathtaking views of crystal clear blue water and white sand.  We felt like we were on another planet; there were only three other people there!  It was fun to take a jaunt over for part of day!

Breakfast at Aleta’s was the way to start the morning and how could anyone go wrong with this view!

I’m so happy they had a great time at one of my favorite spots in the Caribbean.  If you are interested in booking your own trip here, click here to let me know!

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Nadia and her new hubby Nolan came to me wanting to honeymoon somewhere that was the perfect combination of relaxing yet adventurous all while experiencing a new culture and way of life.  I knew that Bali would be the perfect place for them!  I decided on the districts of Uluwatu, Seminyak, and Ubud in Bali to allow them to experience everything that they wanted to on this trip.  They were able to relax on sandy beaches but also visit exciting places like the Monkey Forest and Elephant Safari Lodge!

When I asked Nadia and Nolan what they loved about Bali they answered: “We both absolutely loved the food and the service. Everyone in Bali was very hospitable. In Uluwatu we really enjoyed the Bulgari hotel and the view from the hotel. In Seminyak we enjoyed the liveliness of the town and all the beach bars and in Ubud we enjoyed visiting the Monkey Forest and Elephant Safari Lodge.

I was able to get them a 3 bedroom Villa upgrade at the Bulgari Resort as well as desserts at night and a $100 credit for dinner.  At the Oberoi Resort it was all set so that they received a welcome dessert and free dinner and then at the Uma Ubud they provided a bottle of wine and desserts as well as a complimentary cycling tour for the newlyweds.  Organizing for special honeymoon upgrades is one of my favorite parts of my job and I love how well these hotels treated my clients!

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St. Lucia

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Jennifer & Nick deserved to unwind after their fabulous wedding, so I decided to plan their luxurious honeymoon at The BodyHoliday in St. Lucia! I stayed there last summer and loved it, so I knew that they would too! I am so excited to share their experience. They wrote me the sweetest thank you, and I just have to share it!

From Jennifer: “Our honeymoon was AHHH-MAZING!!!! Once we arrived at the airport our cab was waiting & our driver whisked us away to the resort, but not before stopping at a local bar for two “Pitons” and a bakery for delicious homemade and fresh out of the oven cheesy bread…Yum! After arriving at The BodyHoliday, we were led to our beautiful suite where they had a fresh fruit platter, champagne and flowers everywhere.

The staff was wonderful and very helpful. We took part in all of the water sports and I LOVED paddle boarding.

The sunset cruise was tons of fun and we met a few people whom we will probably keep in touch with. We also were sooo relaxed after our morning spa treatments, which were amazing!!

TAO was delicious and very refreshing. The sushi was the best we’ve had.

We took tons of beautiful pictures. Also, we were so glad you offered the helicopter ride. That was a great way to see the island and a quick trip back after a loooong week of fun!

Thank you so much for working with us and helping us choose a place that was a perfect fit for us!

Our honeymoon could not have been better. Relaxing at times, full of fun and activities, delicious food and wine, ahhh-the list could go on and on!”

SO happy to have planned a fabulous getaway for a fabulous couple! Email me to book your honeymoon!


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French Polynesia Honeymoon: Amanda + Tim

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I’m so excited to share Amanda and Tim’s amazing French Polynesia honeymoon today!  Amanda is one of the creative geniuses behind 100 Layer Cake and had one of the most gorgeous weddings (that was also featured in Martha Stewart Weddings).  I knew I wanted to create a honeymoon that was their laid-back style but also had some really fun and adventurous aspects to it.

They started out by flying to Tahiti and immediately hopped on a boat to a little island called Taha’a.  I decided they would love the gorgeous Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa where they could relax in a comfy beach villa with bamboo walls, palapa roofts, and chic furnishings.

It’s the perfect place to feel pampered but still experience the island vibe.  There they were able to doze in the sun, snorkel and swim in the amazing crystal clear waters, and sip away on delicious tropical cocktails.

Next stop was Bora Bora!  This is one of the most famous island in French Polynesia and there are a ton of different resort options along the beaches.  Amanda and Tim decided to stay at the dreamy Four Seasons Bora Bora.

Bora Bora is full of turquoise water, white sand, and ridiculous views everywhere you turn.  The property is stocked with outdoor beds for napping, infiniti pools, and ocean side palapas (straw cabanas) to enjoy the ocean breeze.

You can’t forget to hit up the spa for a couple’s massage like Amanda and Tim did while overlooking the lagoon in a tropical hibiscus valley.

Congrats Amanda and Tim!  I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon as much as I enjoyed planning it!!

Want to visit Tahiti or Bora Bora? I can help!

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