Hermitage Bay

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While I travel the globe, there are just certain places that really capture my heart. I know that after planning and participating in their wedding, my couples really deserve a place that allows them to relax in luxury. Look no further than Hermitage Bay! A luxurious, all inclusive resort in Antigua!

My favorite suites are the Hillside Suites with private, beautiful views, a large terrace and a private pool!

Couples can enjoy their private escape, or they can also follow the directed pathways to the hotel pool, located beach side!

Clients of Ever After Honeymoons receive a complimentary couples massage! Massages can be enjoyed at the Garden Spa or in the privacy of your Pool Suite or Beachfront Cottage.

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Le Sirenuse

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I adore Italy, but after visiting Le Sirenuse in Positano, it has quickly become one of my favorite Italian destinations! Couples can enjoy the spectacular Amalfi Coast from the steps of the hotel! The view is breathtaking!

The Sant’Antonio, an absolutely gorgeous wooden boat, takes up to 12 people for complimentary daily excursions along the coast, from June to September (weather permitting).

Couples can experience Italian luxury by renting a private boat through Le Sirenuse to explore the coast. Drop off at any of the local favorite spots: Pompei, Paestum, Ravello or Amalfi! The Le Sirenuse concierge provides complete assistance with organizing any excursion. Yachting in Italy? Yes please!

Couples receive $100 spa services credit when they book through Ever After Honeymoons.  Email me to plan your Italian getaway!

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One of my favorite aspects of travelling is being able to scope out fabulous perks for my couples at each location! The next stop on my list of places to go is Qualia. An absolutely lavish resort on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, Qualia takes care of every single detail imaginable! I have had many couples stay here, and they have told me it’s simply outstanding!

Each aspect of Qualia is dedicated to making its guests feel as though they have escaped to a tropical paradise! Very private and romantic, Qualia will make every aspect of your honeymoon feel luxurious.

One incredible experience that cannot be missed is the beach drop off. Qualia will carry guests by boat to a private beach for their own adventure and enjoyment! Ideal for swimming, snorkeling or a picnic!

Qualia will organize every detail: a gourmet picnic (additional cost), beach umbrella, beach mats and towels, sunscreen and repellent, a map, and two-way radio to request your pick-up at the end of a perfect day. You and your love can have an entire day together on a private beach. How lovely!

My couples receive a dinner on the Colors of Sunset Cruise, including a tour of the Whitsundays, with canapés and selected alcoholic beverages for two, once per stay. Ready to go? Contact me!


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Tierra Patagonia

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After our stay in Atacama we flew down to Patagonia, and stayed at Tierra Patagonia.  I had talked to a lot of people that had been to Patagonia so I knew it would be really beautiful, but I really had no idea just how incredible this region really is!  Patagonia might just be the most gorgeous place on earth.

I could not have loved Tierra Patagonia any more!  The hotel has such a unique and modern design.  The service is really good, and all of the food and drinks are excellent.  It was fun to be really active during the day, then come back to the hotel and have a really good dinner.

Tierra Patagonia is located right on a lake, and every room has great views.  We arrived at night, so the next morning I opened my window to this view.  WOW!

Tierra Patagonia includes all meals, beverages, and excursions every day.  So on the first morning we talked to a few guides to plane out our next few days there.  The first day we did the Cornices hike.  The view from the top was amazing!!

We went back to the hotel and had a wonderful lunch, and then went on a really fun horseback ride.  I could never get sick of the views!

The next day we drove around the Torres del Paine National Park.  I loved how different the colors of all of the lakes are.

Then we went on a boat trip to Lago Grey to see the glaciers.  Oh my gosh, this was so incredible!

The next morning we went on the Hunters Trail hike, and saw lots of animals, including guanacos, foxes, and condors.

The last afternoon I got a massage and relaxed at the spa.  Pretty good decision if I do say so myself!  I loved the Jacuzzi outside!

Tierra Patagonia is the perfect honeymoon destination for a couple that is really active and looking for a unique experience together.  You can combine a stay in Patagonia with many other great spots in South America.

Contact us if you are interested in staying at Tierra Patagonia for your honeymoon!

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Tierra Atacama

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The absolute best part of my job are the amazing travel opportunities that I get.  I was recently asked to go on a trip to Chile, and I could not have said yes any faster!  This was my first trip to South America, but certainly not my last!

Our first stop was Tierra Atacama, in the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile.  This is a luxury adventure lodge, which includes all meals, drinks, and daily activities.  Let me be clear- I am definitely not an adventure traveler.  But it was so fun to have such a new and different travel experience, and to stay in such a beautiful destination!

I did SO much in the few days I was in Atacama!  When you arrive at Tierra Atacama, a guide goes over all of the options of excursions available and makes recommendations based on your fitness level and what you are interested in.

The first day we went to the Salt Mountains and to Moon Valley.  So beautiful!  And yes, that is salt not snow!

That afternoon we did a long bike ride to Cejar Lagoon, where you float in the salt lagoon.  It was such a crazy feeling floating in the lagoon, and not even being able to put your arms or legs down into the water!

The next morning we got up early to see the Tatio Geysers, and then had breakfast just after sunrise.  Such a beautiful experience!

 That afternoon I relaxed at their amazing pool- just look at that view! 

I really enjoyed the hotel.  It has really modern design and every suite has an outdoor shower with great views.  The food was amazing as well, with menus that changed daily.  It was really fun to be active during the day, and then have wine and a wonderful dinner each evening.  It was a true luxury, adventure experience.

I would highly recommend a stay at Tierra Atacama for couples that are really active and looking to do something different.  This destination can be paired with many other places in South America as well.

Next up- my adventure continues at Tierra Patagonia!

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