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Reynolds and Lukas Hartwich celebrated their honeymoon with the most incredible 3 week trip to Australia and New Zealand!  They had so many incredible experiences and got to enjoy many gorgeous destinations.  It was the perfect honeymoon for this couple looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure!



Port Douglas, Australia


Darling Harbour, Australia



Queenstown, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand



Kaikoura, New Zealand



Auckland, New Zealand

From Lukas & Reynolds Hartwich

“When my husband and I were discussing options for our honeymoon we knew we were looking for adventure, excitement and an unforgettable experience. Australia and New Zealand would be the perfect destinations for us! Our next move would be our wisest when we chose to book our vacation through Katie at Ever After Honeymoons. Between wedding planning, buying a home, work and everyday life… coordinating a three week escape can be very overwhelming. Katie took the pressure right off of us by booking our flights, hotels and excursions. Ever After Honeymoons was our one stop shop for everything honeymoon related and it was truly the trip of a lifetime!

While in Kaikoura we stayed at our absolute favorite hotel; The Hapuku Lodge. Words can’t describe the splendor of this location. We were upgraded to a luxurious suite at the lodge which overlooked the Kaikoura Mountain Range. It included our own living room, fire place, balcony and spa tub. Not to mention the staff at the location was beyond accommodating. They made us feel right at home, even making me gluten free cookies for my special dietary needs. Every day they had a cooked breakfast and a three-course dinner prepared for us by their remarkable chef. The food was fresh, local and exceptionally delicious. We could have stayed for weeks! While in Kaikoura we also visited the breathtaking beach nearby the lodge and had the chance to interact with the New Zealand Fur Seals which are local to the area. Kaikoura was extraordinary!

Looking back we are so delighted that we chose Australia and New Zealand and very pleased that we were able to see so much of both countries in just three weeks! It was a trip we will talk about for the rest of our lives. My advice to fellow honeymooners is pick a destination that reflects both of your interests, give yourself a few days to recuperate from the wedding before you leave and book your getaway through Ever After Honeymoons to avoid added stress and truly maximize your precious time while on vacation. It was a wise decision that made all the difference for us!”


Port Douglas 1 | Port Douglas 2 | Port Douglas 3 | Darling Harbour 1Darling Harbour 2 | Queenstown 1 | Queenstown 2 | Christchurch 1 | Kaikoura 1 | Kaikoura 2 | Kaikoura 3Auckland 1 | Auckland 2

Bon Voyage!

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