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It may not be the first location that pops into your head when brainstorming honeymoon ideas… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider Morocco! I’ve had my eye on the Amanjena Resort for a while now, and definitely need to carve out some time to make my way over there. Too many amazing destinations, not enough time!

What I love about the Amanjena is it’s located just outside Marrakech, offering a serene setting that’s just a few miles from a bustling city. You can choose to head into town for a little adventure, or you can choose to lounge by the heated (yes, heated) outdoor pool.

Also nearby are the High Atlas mountains where you can scope out ancient mosques, kasbahs ( historic cities) and cliffside villages where you can explore the its rich cultural heritage!


And lastly… the spa. After planning a wedding, I think every couple deserves an hour of complete relaxation. With Turkish style hammams (steam baths) and a selection of spa treatments, you’ll no doubt find something you both can enjoy.

Love this turquoise tie-dye maxi skirt! Pair it with a loose tank, statement necklace and print clutch and you’ll be perfectly styled in Morocco! Found via Pinterest

If I haven’t convinced you yet that Morocco should be on your list of possible destinations, let me leave you with this… a warm summer evening, dining outdoors on authentic couscous and home-grown fruits and traditional folk music playing lightly in the background. Plus my clients get room grades (based on availability at arrival), daily breakfast and a complimentary lunch or dinner during your stay. Ready to go? Let’s get started!

Bon Voyage!

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  1. | MorganRose Says:

    Wow!! So beautiful!! Morocco has been on my bucket list, and I think it just climbed up a few notches!! I'm sold :)

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